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The deschooling
workshop for parents

This 90-minute online session will provide you with the tools you need to accompany your child on their journey of learning beyond school and to hold an open, curious and joyful space within which the whole family can thrive. 

We'll be deep diving into what deschooling really is, learning tools to help us cope in those moments when we feel triggered and anxious, and taking a look at what we need to put in place to ensure that we're supported in our work. 


  • The science of learning: self-determination theory and intrinsic motivation

  • How to hold a space in which our children can flourish and be their whole selves

  • Being our whole selves: what do we need in order to do this work?

  • Mindful practices to work with our triggers, using them as tools for transformation

  • Unraveling old beliefs and paradigms

  • Self compassion practices for challenging moments


The Thriving Beyond School workshop is ideal for you if:

  • You are considering taking your child out of school and unsure about what self-directed education/unschooling can look like.

  • Your child is out of school and you are feeling challenged or stressed, and looking to understand more about how you can facilitate a healthy space for the whole family.

  • You are looking to create a low-demand environment for a child who has had a lot of anxiety or is PDA, and in which they can really thrive.

Also included: comprehensive notes of everything covered in the workshop, including practices to use in your daily life. 

Price: £30

Maximum 8 participants

New dates coming soon...

What participants have said about the workshop:

"Your workshop gave a lot of permission for us to trust in ourselves, just as we are learning to trust that our children can trust themselves. The idea that the things we want for our children are also what we need. And that really I feel like I just need to get out of the way - my daughters way and my own! There’s so much freedom when we can let go of trying to control how we think things ‘should/could’ go." -- Donna

"Thank you! I came away feeling so much more positive about everything. It's great to actually have some tools in place for when I start getting anxious about things" -- Sarah

"Your workshop came at the perfect time for me as we had deregistered our daughter from school that week. I had been tirelessly researching what she needed but hadn't stopped to think about what I needed. The workshop was a gentle reminder that it is ok to pause and give myself time to heal too." --Rhonda


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