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Thriving Beyond School
Online Workshops

Upcoming dates: September 27th, October 25th, November 22nd
Time: 6pm-8pm (London time)

Feeling challenged or overwhelmed? Join me for this fun and engaging two-hour workshop. We'll be looking at how we can best accompany our childr
en in their learning, creating a space within which they can thrive and grow. And, we'll be building a tool box of practices that can help us in the tricky moments. We'll look at how we can start to unravel our own deep conditioning around parenting, learning, and even ourselves, using mindfulness practices to support us. You'll leave with a renewed sense of optimism and the tools to help you move forward!


These workshops offer a small and supportive space, limited to just 8 participants.


Find out more here.

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Mindful parenting

5-week course

For a calmer, happier home


Starting: November 2nd, 6pm-7.30pm (London time)

Tired of feeling anxious or stressed? Struggling with a child who is often upset or dysregulated? This five-week Mindful Parenting course was created specifically for those whose children are neurodivergent, struggle with self-regulation, or who are learning outside of mainstream school.

This course will help you create a calmer, happier space for you and your family. Our sessions will help you lower anxiety and stress, increase your capacity for self-compassion, and help transform family conflict into connection. And, they’ll help you understand what practices and support you need to keep your cup filled! 

Find out m
ore here.

Every two weeks, I chat with an unschooling parent about their experiences of learning beyond school. Together, we deep dive into all the topics that typically come up when we leave the school environment, from how children learn, to meeting the needs of our neurodivergent children, to  dealing with our own deep conditioning. 

Join the conversation!

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I started my blog, A Place on a Hill, nearly five years ago. We were living in Spain at the time, and had moved to an old house in the hills near Barcelona. Slowly, we were moving further into unschooling, and the blog became a place where I could record all the ways in which my old beliefs were being challenged, and all the ways in which my children were opening my mind. We've since moved back to the UK, and my children are considerably older, but the explorations around deschooling will probably never end.

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Click here to download 9 Mindful Ways to a More Peaceful Home

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"I felt like your workshop gave a lot of permission for us to trust in ourselves, just as we are learning to trust that our children can trust themselves. There’s so much freedom when we can let go of trying to control how we think things ‘should/could’ go."


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