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Every two weeks, I chat with an unschooling parent about their experiences of learning beyond school. Together, we deep dive into all the topics that typically come up when we leave the school environment, from how children learn, to meeting the needs of our neurodivergent children, to  dealing with our own deep conditioning. 

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My mentoring sessions are tailored to your unique needs and situation. I bring my training in mindfulness along with many years experience of unschooling, PDA parenting, and working with parents to release their own deep conditioning. 

  • Be supported as you transition from school to self-directed learning.

  • Explore how self-directed learning might look for your children.

  • Learn how to hold your children in their learning in a calm and confident way. 

  • Understand how you can shift power structures in your home, and partner with your children instead.

  • Acquire mindfulness and self-compassion tools to help you on your own journey.

  • Use these skills to reduce conflict in your home and increase a sense of safety and peace.

Workshops and courses

  • Thriving beyond school - online workshop June
    29 Jun, 18:00 – 20:00 BST
    The deschooling workshop for parents! This two-hour session will provide you with the tools you need to accompany your child on their journey of learning beyond school and to hold an open, curious and joyful space within which the whole family can thrive.


9 mindful ways to a more peaceful home

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"I felt like your workshop gave a lot of permission for us to trust in ourselves, just as we are learning to trust that our children can trust themselves. The idea that the things we want for our children are also what we need. There’s so much freedom when we can let go of trying to control how we think things ‘should/could’ go."  - Donna

"Your workshop came at the perfect time for me as we had deregistered our daughter from school that week. I had been tirelessly researching what she needed but hadn't stopped to think about what I needed, and the workshop was a gentle reminder that it is ok to pause and give myself time to heal too." - Rhonda

"My daughter and I are recovering from a very traumatic couple of years at school. The workshop has helped me reframe this journey in a positive way. I feel much more confident about this new path now." - Su

"I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago, and was then thrilled to find your podcast. Your words and perspective have been such a gift to me." - Katie

"I find your podcasts inspiring and uplifting. I just love to hear everyone else's stories." - Camila


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