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Embrace a new way to live, learn and thrive with your children!

  • Discover the science of learning and why all children are born to learn 

  • Learn how you can create the environment your child needs to thrive

  • Understand why unschooling is a wonderful fit for neurodivergent children

  • Move beyond the doubts and fears that keep you stuck in old reactive patterns 

  • Create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful to you

  • Embrace connection and joy with your children!


Unschooling looks like a simple enough idea, but for the parent, it requires a huge paradigm shift! Even though your heart tells you you made the right choice, it’s hard to let go of ingrained notions about learning and parenting. Unschooling flies in the face of these notions and, in order for you to make progress, you’ll have to challenge a lot of conventional wisdom and many of your own beliefs.


The Mindful Deschooling course will help you embrace this new journey with curiosity and self-compassion. It will give you a deep understanding of how your child really learns and what they need to thrive. And, we’ll look at all the ways in which self-directed learning helps our children live fully into their whole, authentic selves. 

You’ll learn how to hold and support your child in this journey, and what it means to create an environment in which they can truly thrive, and in which you are a trusted ally. If your child is neurodivergent and/or struggled in a school setting, you'll explore how to help them heal and reconnect with themselves. 

And, you’ll learn how to embrace all the tricky moments as opportunities for growth and transformation. These moments of discomfort are often a sign that our deep conditioning is being challenged. With the help of mindfulness practices, you’ll learn to notice when you are reacting out of fear or worry, and when there is a deeper, more authentic desire that you would like to follow instead. Whether it's to do with maths, reading, autonomy or socialising, being able to work out what is triggering you and how to choose a new, more aligned response, is a deschooling superpower. And, it will be transformational in your life with your children.

And finally, the Mindful Deschooling course is an invitation to you to live your best life. When parenting requires us to invest so much energy and thought in our children, it can be easy to lose ourselves. But, if we are to encourage our children to show up confidently as their whole selves in the world then it’s important that we also try to do this. We’ll look at what we need in our lives to keep returning to who we really are, and to give us the courage and self-compassion to allow us to show up authentically. 


  • You love the idea of unschooling but struggle to trust the process

  • You worry about your children's learning and about the future

  • You are often critical of yourself

  • You feel frequently overwhelmed by it all

  • You want more joy and ease in your family life


  • The science of learning: why we are all hardwired to learn in the right conditions

  • How to hold a space in which our children can flourish and be their whole selves

  • Mindful practices to work with our triggers, using them as tools for transformation

  • Unraveling old beliefs and fears

  • Self compassion practices for challenging moments

  • Being our whole selves: what do we need in order to do this work?

Sessions are 90 minutes long, and are held on consecutive Fridays (1pm-3.30pm UK time). The small cohort (maximum 8 people) ensures that everyone is able to participate in the way that feels best for them.

After each session, you'll receive comprehensive notes of everything that was covered, including practices that you can put into action that same week in your home. You'll also have email support with me for any questions or challenges that arise between sessions.

About me

I am a trained Mindfulness teacher with over 12 years of personal mindfulness practice. In this course, I bring mindfulness together with my own personal experience of unschooling and of working with other parents. 

Investment:  £150 (with concessionary rates of £75 and £100. Just select your amount at checkout))


Session dates are:

FRIDAY, May 10th, May 17th, May 24th, May 31st, June 7th


Session time: 1pm-2.30pm (UK) /8am-9.30pm (EDT)



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